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Boulder Universal (BU) is BVSD's only multi-district online school offering virtual classes to a wide variety of students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Boulder Universal is a public school funded by the state and accredited with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Our curriculum is designed to challenge the potential of each student and includes a college preparatory curriculum, advanced level curriculum, as well as college level coursework. 

Boulder Universal is excited to be the recipient of the John Irwin School of Excellence Award Winner for 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) gives this award to the top 8% of Colorado Public Schools that exceeded academic expectation achievement in education.

E​very student receives quality differentiated content, support from a mentor and counselor, and academic assistance from the best instructors in the online teaching community.​​​ Our special services include a four year advisory, special education programs access to career and technical courses, and concurrent enrollment for students in 11th and 12th grades offered at Boulder Universal and in conjunction with the University of Colorado, Metropolitan State University and Front Range Community College.  View the BVSD College Before Graduation Website for more information.

Below you will find videos from our administrators, teachers, counselors, mentors and students with helpful information about BU. 

Our Mission

We strive to support a diverse community of learners engaged in an academically challenging, personalized learning environment that inspires them to pursue their goals with confidence.

Boulder Universal Highlights

Check out our school video highlighting some of our Boulder Universal students and why they chose BU. Our BU College Admissions Profile and Principal's Message provides additional information about our school. Be sure to view the videos and images at the bottom of this page.

BU School Video

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FAQs: BU General

They are fun, interactive and involve many of the same technologies students already use outside of school. BU stays connected with its students by utilizing Google products and Schoology’s learning management system (LMS) providing asynchronous, online academic content. This technology allows us to offer another route to academic success for students whose individual needs make attendance at a traditional school challenging.

Although the coursework is delivered via the Internet, students engage and interact with an actual teacher and other students in a virtual setting.  Our online teachers, mentors, and counselors provide unparalleled guidance and assistance to students throughout their coursework. Please note that although BU offers flexibility, we have similar expectations as other BVSD schools around attendance, academic progress, behavior, and activities. 

BU Overview

Boulder Universal - BVSD's K-12 Online School

Boulder Universal is a Google-connected school that utilizes Google products and devices through Schoology’s Learning Management System to provide asynchronous, online academic content. We provide support for students whose individual needs make attendance at a traditional school challenging.

BU Overview- FT-Title

Full-time Students

BU Overview- Elementary Info


Students take four classes: Literacy (Reading and Writing), Math, Science, and Social Studies. Elementary students also can choose to take Synchronous Specials (Music, PE, Art) and/or Asynchronous Elementary Spanish. Students have the opportunity to have small group and individual meetings, supports, and conferences with their teachers.

BU Overview- MS Info

Middle School:

Students take Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and one elective class each semester. In addition, all middle school students take a semester of Physical Education (PE) each year. Students have opportunities to participate and create student-led clubs. 

BU Overview- HS Info

High School:

Most students take six classes plus Advisory each semester. BU students have the option to participate in their home attendance school's extracurricular activities. BU's students can also participate in CHSAA sanctioned athletics & activities. Please check with your home attendance school Athletic Director for more information.

All About Boulder Universal

BU Student Environment

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.