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BU Link K-8

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BU Link K-8
BU Link is a fully synchronous K-8 school.  Students will use Google-connected products, SeeSaw (K-4th grade) and Schoology (5th-8th grade).  All classes are taught by BU Teachers and are fully aligned to BVSD curriculum and standards.  Students take literacy, math, social studies, science, and electives/specials classes.

Full-Time Students:
Elementary:  Daily schedules are very similar to brick and mortar classrooms.  Students attend online classes from 8:45-3:45.  Attempts to limit screen time are taken advantage of when it makes educational sense.  Opportunities for small group or individual support from a teacher are available.

Middle School:  Students have 4 core classes and 1 elective class.  In addition to coursework, students have weekly sessions to help students with social/emotional learning, small group instruction, and individual support from teachers. 

As Part Of Our Enrollment Process:
We seek to clarify our expectations at BU Link and explain how our school works.  We are a public school within BVSD.  Our classroom experiences and expectations are aligned to BVSD values and mission.  Therefore our attendance policy, academic progress, behavior expectation are similar to other schools within BVSD.  

Student Expectations:

  • Attendance is mandatory and is taken daily for every class and recorded in Infinite Campus
  • Follow a consistent schedule.  Attend classes during their assigned time and finish any homework with an established routine.
  • Reach out to teachers and counselors if you have questions or need additional support.  There is time built into each week to get individual help and support.
  • Check your email daily.  Respond to email communication within 24 hours.
  • Attend extra help sessions when requested by your teacher.
  • Students may be required to come in person to our lab for specific test proctoring

Staff Dedications:

  • Provide online-accessible instruction via the Google, SeeSaw, and/or Schoology
  • Provide academic support and planning via BU Links School Counselor
  • Provide time within each school week to address social-emotional learning, executive functioning skills, and school planning
  • Maintain attendance via Infinite Campus
  • Monitor student growth, learning, and course progress
  • Provide a BVSD aligned curriculum
  • Communicate with students and parents around student progress along with other BVSD school staff as necessary to support students.
  • Implement student 504s and IEPs per district, state, and federal guidelines
  • Hold students to high academic and behavioral expectations following BVSD district policies and access district resources to support BU Link learning
  • Facilitate required state and national testing.