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BU Live - Virtual Programs

Boulder Universal (BU) supports the district strategic plan by offering the following virtual programs to BVSD students who qualify for the program. Through these innovative virtual programs, the teachers are able to reach students across participating schools, efficiently and effectively. These programs are taught LIVE and in real time by a licensed BVSD teacher. Students log into their virtual classroom using their BVSD-issued chromebook and/or personal device.


AMP: Advanced Math Program

The virtual Advanced Math Program (AMP) originated in Fall 2021 by district leadership as a response to provide equitable access to advanced math classes for all school. Currently there are 18 BVSD schools that participate in this program which is led by highly effective and experienced BVSD licensed math teachers. These classes are live and in real time with the students.

VIP: Virtual Intervention Program

The goals for Virtual Intervention Program (VIP) is to help students reach grade level and beyond in all domains of reading. Using research-based targeted instruction, this program identifies and fills foundational literacy gaps that may have developed as a result of pandemic school interruptions.