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Advanced Math Program (AMP)

Taking advanced math classes is something many BVSD students are interested in. It is very important to us to make sure students are challenged while being placed in the appropriate level class so that they can thrive and be successful. Every year we re-evaluate our processes to make sure all students have opportunities that best meet their needs.


The virtual Advanced Math Program (AMP) was initiated by district leadership to provide equitable access to advanced math classes for all BVSD students. The program first began in Fall 2021 as a part of Boulder Universal (BU) programming. BU is BVSD's online school and has been teaching virtually and meeting the needs of students and families since 2008.

The AMP classes are led by highly effective and experienced BVSD licensed math teachers with over 30 years of total experience. The math classes are live synchronous virtual classes that are engaging with interactive practice and live guided instruction and feedback. Students use online math curriculum with paper workbooks along side collaborative math talk with in-person math mentor.

Currently for the 2023-24 school year, there are 23 schools participating in this program. Next school year there will be additional enhancements to this Advanced Math Program (AMP). If you have any questions, please contact the BU Assistant Principal, Kris Kim at

2023-24 AMP Brochure

First page of the PDF file: BUAMPFlyer2024
First page of the PDF file: BUAMPFlyer2024-Espanol_2


Video: Welcome to BU's Advanced Math Program (AMP)

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