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Boulder Universal partners with multiple schools across the Boulder Valley School District to bring this exciting synchronous intervention program.

The VIP program’s goal is for students to reach grade level and beyond in all domains of reading. Our mission is to identify and fill any foundational literacy gaps by implementing research-based targeted instruction. Synchronous lessons with the virtual interventionists are interactive, student friendly, and highly engaging.

  • The VIP interventionists are long time BVSD educators and are hand selected by BVSD district administration based on their exemplary online teaching skills, engagement, organization and time management skills. Additionally, all VIP interventionists are specifically trained in The Science of Reading model through the Colorado Department of Education.

  • All participating VIP students are carefully selected using current and historical data from iReady/IStation, in addition to being personally screened by the VIP team. Using this data, each individual VIP group is carefully curated with school staff to form targeted instructional groups.

  • The VIP program takes place during a student’s intervention or literacy block when students are typically working independently. Students become “Reading Scientists” through targeted skill based lessons and therefore are more prepared to tackle their lifelong learning journey. 

  • This highly innovative program has proven to be highly successful. Partnered with tier one grade level instruction, the VIP program continues to empower hundreds of students to become more skilled, efficient and confident learners since its inception in 2022.

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