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Personal Support

In the Boulder Valley School District

We believe in caring for the whole child. We know that before students can focus and succeed in the classroom, they must be supported physically, mentally and through a healthy environment.  

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Additional Personal & Social Resources
  • OASOS - LGBTIQ resources
  • Healing Circles - Healing Circles provides safe, empowering environments to help children, teens, and their families integrate grief into their lives at their own pace. 
  • iThrive Groups  - ITHRIVE is a program for 12-17 year old teens who are wanting to take a look at their lives, and see if they can figure out who/why it is that drugs/alcohol are getting them in trouble
  • Teen Clinic - Teen Clinic is a part of Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center. Teens can access Teen Clinic services at Women’s Health during all business hours, or you can come during special teen-only hours.
  • Safe Schools Coalition - is a volunteer group working to make Boulder Valley schools safe and welcoming for persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities through advocacy, education and empowerment. 
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Your Physical Well-being

We support the well-being and academic success of all students through health promotion, disease prevention, health care coordination and advocacy for the health and wellness of the whole child.  

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Prevention and Support Resources

In the Boulder Valley School District, we strive to all students so that they feel safe and supported on a daily basis. There are times when students require additional support.

Anonymously report

Report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, ​your family or your community.

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Safety and Security Resources

BVSD provides a number of resources and programs aimed at protecting student personal safety and preventing children and youth from initiating or engaging in harmful behaviors.  ​Read more~~>