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Clubs & Activities

Boulder Universal has some great clubs and activities designed to enhance students' learning and exposure to new ideas. Learn more about the clubs below.

Volunteering with local organizations provides BU students with opportunities to step outside of their daily routines and give back to their community. Besides looking fantastic on a college resume or job application, volunteering teaches compassion and understanding. Students end up feeling more connected with others and become less absorbed with the daily stresses that adolescence can bring. New connections with the community broaden their social skills, raise their empathy levels, and create new relationships.

See your mentor or teacher to join any of the groups listed below...

Image of students preparing food


Twice each semester. Students work with There With Care to prepare meals for families in medical crisis.

Image of Students meditating


Weekly. Students learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Sessions also include self-reflection through journaling and art.

Image of students


Weekly. This is a student-run club where students work on storyboarding, screenplay writing, and filming.

Image of students hands


Weekly. Students experience a safe and supportive group for LGBTQ+ students and allies.

Image of Student typing


Meets three times in October. All levels are welcome. All genres are welcome - poetry, story, novel, essay, comic. You can also participate in NaNoWriMo. Come if you like to write or if you'd like to give it a try.

Image of student working with senior citizen


Monthly. Students help older people in the community learn how to use their technology.

Image of student paying instrument


Twice each semester. Students bring their own instruments and/or voices to join in and make music. Sessions are followed by a casual movie and snacks.

Student in Book Club


Quarterly. We eat tasty food. We drink yummy drinks. We talk about books. What could be better? Come join our group of BU book lovers as we discuss our books.