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Fees & Payments

Boulder Universal Student Fees can be found in the documents listed below. All fees will be posted on the BU RevTrak Webstore by August 31.  If you have any questions or issues accessing the RevTrak webstore, please contact our School Office Manager at 720-561-5522.

BU RevTrak Webstore:


Boulder Universal Student Fees

Payments for Student Fees -  BU RevTrak Webstore 

For your convenience, BVSD has contracted with RevTrak, a national credit card payment processing system, to provide you with a simple, secure, and convenient way of making online payments for your school fees. 

Facts about fees, the current fees list and the upcoming fees list are available for your review on the BVSD Fees & Payments Website.

*Note: Athletic Fees are also paid using RevTrak Webstore at the home school where participation is happening.

RevTrak - Online Payments

To set up an account, go to the BVSD RevTrak website at Click on the blue "Create New Account" button. When creating a new account, please be sure to use the same email address that is used in the Parent IC Portal so that the student information can be properly linked. It is advised to use a different password from what is used to log into the Parent IC Portal account. Questions/issues should be directed to the school office. Additional information about RevTrak is listed below.

RevTrak - Additional Information

Payments for School Meals - MyPaymentsPlus

BVSD is currently using an online school lunch account management tool called MyPaymentsPlus. This tool gives families a way to manage their student's BVSD Meal Account online and make credit card payments without any transaction fees. It also provides a way to set up a low-balance email notification or auto-refill when the student's account balance gets below a certain level.

All students have a personal meal account which may be accessed using their six-digit student ID#. Maintaining a balance in your student’s account eliminates the need to bring lunch money each day and also helps keep the lunch lines moving.  Meal prices can be found on the BVSD School Food Project Website.

MyPaymentsPlus - Online Payments 

To set up an account or make an online payment, go to BVSD Meal Account Payments Website and follow the instructions.  A Student ID number is needed to set up an account.

MyPaymentsPlus - Additional Information

BVSD Information & Resources

Visit the BVSD Online Payments Website for more information.