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Bus Shuttle Services

Boulder Universal shares the Arapahoe Campus with BoulderTec and Arapahoe Ridge HS. Any student who needs transportation to/from Arapahoe Campus can use the shuttle bus service which services all BVSD high schools. If you live nearby one of the BVSD high schools, this may be a good transportation option.

Transportation to/from the following BVSD High Schools: Boulder HS, Broomfield HS, Centaurus HS, Fairview HS, Monarch HS, New Vista HS, Nederland Jr/Sr HS.

Bus Routes from BVSD High Schools to Arapahoe Campus

  • AM Routes - Arrive at Arapahoe Campus at 8:50am (M/Tu/Th/F), Arrive at 9:50am (Wed late start)
  • PM Routes - Arrive at Arapahoe Campus at 12:40pm (M/Tu/Th/F), Arrive at 1:40pm (Wed late start)

Bus Routes from Arapahoe Campus to BVSD High Schools

  • AM Routes - Leave Arapahoe Campus at 11:47am (M-F)
  • PM Routes - Leave Arapahoe Campus at 3:32pm (M-F)

View BoulderTec Bus Schedule Website

*Note: Arrival times may vary due to traffic and/or weather conditions.

Transportation Questions/Concerns?

Transportation questions or concerns should be directed to the following:

  • Call Boulder Terminal Dispatch Office at 720-561-5125: For Boulder HS, Fairview HS, Nederland HS, New Vista HS
  • Call Lafayette Terminal Dispatch Office at 720-561-5126: For Broomfield HS, Centaurus HS, & Monarch HS


BU Student Handbook: Student Parking

Student Parking

Students may park in the west parking area.  

  • Student parking is located West of the Arapahoe Campus Building.
  • Vehicles parked in no parking zones, staff, reserved, visitor, or handicapped parking are subject to being towed. 
  • Habitually violating the parking policy will result in loss of parking privileges on campus.
  • Reckless driving will also result in loss of these privileges. 
  • Additional discipline may also be invoked for parking and driving violations, as well as police involvement. 
  • High school students may also take the CTE bus to Arapahoe Campus from their home school.